About me

face_blog2Hello! I’m Matthew Reynolds, the London-based Gaming Editor for Digital Spy, one of the UK’s largest entertainment websites.

Under my tenure, the site’s games coverage has seen extraordinary growth to become one of its most prominent sections, winning several Games Media Awards and today competes with specialist outlets and national newspapers for depth, expertise and speed.

I’ve also been personally recognised with award wins and nominations, including Rising Star at the Games Media Awards and was named one of the top 25 “most influential” journalists in the UK games media by industry publication MCV (February 2014).

I’ve also released a video game – Text Zedventure for Xbox 360 and Windows Phone – standing out in a crowded and competitive marketplace to achieve five-figure downloads and coverage in Edge, The Guardian, OXM and GamesRadar.

I have also been a judge for the BAFTA Games Awards (2015) and the Independent Games Festival two years running (2014, 2015). I was also a former message board moderator and award-winning guide writer for GameFAQs.

Here’s where you can find me on the internet:

Twitter @Crazyreyn // LinkedIn // YouTube

You can reach me easiest through Twitter, or by email at sitename at gmail dot com.